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My Phone is a Crackhead

It’s true. Tonight, my dear beloved iPhone became a crackhead. Or at least it’s habit started to show. My poor phone that I’ve thrown at walls, at people, dropped on tiles, on concrete, launched itself off a marble counter onto a marble floor. I knew it was gone straight away. The lovely crack free screen shattered.

We were out celebrating Olivia’s 21st – Hannah, Hannah, Laura, Angela, Olivia and I. The Night Noodle Markets and a screening of Woody Allen’s latest masterpiece, Blue Jasmine at the Golden Age Cinema & Bar. The Golden Age at Paramount House in Surrey Hills is simply gorgeous. The lobby is all open and filled with plants and vintage bikes. I’m a little upset I didn’t take photos of it. Downstairs in the bar and cinema both of which could have been right out of the 1940s which really was their aim. It’s definitely a place to go back to, and they serve popcorn in Boston cocktail shakers! How cool is that!

ImageImage(photos from http://ourgoldenage.com.au/the-venue/)

Between our location tonight and walking past the old Mark Foy’s department store, now the Downing Centre, on our way there, I often wonder if I was born in the wrong time period. Mostly though I think it’s nostalgia for the past and a love of historic fashion. I don’t think I would have done well with the social order of things – class and rank and the role of women. Yep, definitely not for me.

Blue Jasmine was amazing. Mr Allen as usual has created a masterpiece and Cate Blanchett just shone as Jasmine French. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend you do so. She always gives such emotional performances and this was no difference. She was Jasmine. You could see the emotions, chaos and turmoil working their way through her mind. As Olivia said, “I have seen Galadriel turn into Gollum.” For Lord of the Rings fans, that is the most apt description of Cate as Jasmine you will get.

We had dinner at the markets before taking some photos under the lanterns then headed up to the cinema. The Night Noodle Markets are great. I would tell you to go, but this was the last weekend for this year, but I guess there is always next October. There was so much choice. Possibly too much choice considering I’d barely eaten all day and just really need food. The food was good though. Really good. I can see why Art and About called the markets “the landmark event of The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Month.” We came back after Blue Jasmine mainly for ice-cream but ended up with cider instead. Yeah, I’m not sure how that happened… Cider was drunk and then I needed the bathroom and at 9.25 there was no way I was using port-a-loos. So I dragged everyone to the Sheraton because NICE BATHROOMS! They laughed, but thanked me later, while we were all grieving for my phone. And then more photos with lanterns because you can never have too many before getting ice-cream and home. Speaking of ice-cream, Serendipity Natural Ice Cream is amazing, especially the sticky fig and honeycomb. Fairly sure the cute guy serving me was the universe saying sorry for the phone. At least that’s what I choose to believe.


Phones can be fixed and really, tonight was good, so one tiny thing isn’t going to ruin it. There is though, nothing as good as getting home and taking of your shoes and bra.


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